Pink Dot is your neighborhood liquor store, deli, and bodega that's open late and delivers to your door. We work with their management team on an ongoing basis to create a seamless flow between their physical and e-commerce stores. Most notably, we led their rebranding and launched a new online store.

Pink Dot






After locking in a classic new logo we shifted gears to the digital side. The new Pink Dot website boasts an easy-to-navigate platform with fun imagery. Users are able to have their favorite items delivered on demand while tracking order progress and delivery time.

Mobile App designs to emulate dashboard design We do what we do because we realized a void in the market. Too many “agencies” were building websites for clients that just sat there and collected dust. A website isn’t the end all be all - it’s the beginning of a user’s journey through a brand. It’s where the work starts. And we we’re here to guide our clients through the way. 

The makeover didn't stop on the digital side. Our next feat was updating the retail and delivery experience for customers. We designed new bags, promotional material, business cards and even new signage!

With the continuous trend towards mobile shopping our team also created the Pink Dot app. For those loyal customers who have become part of the Pink Dot fam, we've incorporated a seamless app that makes ordering effortless.


Pink Dot continues to work with us on an ongoing basis as their partner for bridging the physical and digital worlds.

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