Our team works directly with the Lucky Strike marketing team on their digital projects. Most notably, we worked to design, develop, and launch their new website with a modern and intuitive interface. Our work made booking lanes easy and provided a fun experience for people discovering the Lucky Strike brand nationwide.

Lucky Strike Entertainment



The parent company, Lucky Strike Entertainment, houses four distinct brands, each with its own site. Lucky Strike, FTW, Lucky Strike Social and Lucky Strike Live. Our challenge was to take these free standing sites and combine them into one synonymous brand and web experience. 

Each page was created with mobile design in mind. The result is a fluid transition between desktop and mobile devices. 


Party booking is a large part of the Lucky Strike Entertainment model. With that in mind, our team created a unique icon set that captures the many types of events a customer can book.

Lucky Strike Entertainment continues to work with us on an ongoing basis as their national partner for all digital projects.

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